Yayra Adjrah

As a dedicated professional with a background in refugee and immigrant-focused programs, Yayra brings a wealth of experience to her role as the Family Engagement Manager at Ready for School, Ready for Life. With a deep commitment to empowering families and fostering inclusive environments, she is passionate about ensuring every child has access to quality education and opportunities for success.

Yayra’s journey in community service and advocacy began with her tenure as a Program Coordinator at FaithAction International House and NC African Services Coalition, where she played a vital role in supporting refugee and immigrant communities. Through her work, she developed innovative programs and resources aimed at enhancing access to education and essential services for families facing unique challenges.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Yayra is deeply engaged in community leadership. As the Vice Chair of the City of Greensboro International Advisory Committee, she leverages her expertise to promote cultural understanding and collaboration within the community, advocating for policies and initiatives that embrace diversity and inclusivity.

Yayra holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Political Science with a concentration in Globalization from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Outside of her career, she is a devoted mother to her son, Aziel, and is committed to creating a brighter future for him and other children.

With her diverse background, unwavering dedication, and passion for making a difference, Yayra is poised to drive meaningful impact as the Family Engagement Manager at Ready for School, Ready for Life.