Pritzker Children’s Initiative Awards Ready, Ready $500,000 for Early Childhood Care






January 8, 2024

Foundation’s ‘Guilford County Community Systems Grant’ Will Shine Spotlight on Local System of Care

GREENSBORO, N.C. – The Pritzker Children’s Initiative awarded Ready for School, Ready for Life (Ready Ready) $500,000 to spotlight the early childhood system of care in Guilford County, the organizations announced today. 

“This investment from the Pritzker Children’s Initiative will allow us to expand our data-driven approach to building an integrated system of early childhood care, beginning prenatally, in Guilford County and share what we’re learning with other communities in North Carolina and beyond,” said Ready Ready CEO Charrise Hart. “The science is clear that prenatal to age three is a critical time for establishing lifelong health and development, making Ready Ready’s work, and the Pritzker Children’s Initiative’s grant, such a vital part of preparing our communities for a healthy and prosperous future,” Hart added.

The mission of Ready Ready is to build a connected, innovative system of care for Guilford County’s youngest children and their families. As a backbone organization, Ready Ready works with proven programs and community partners to ensure Guilford County families get the resources and support they need for healthy child development. Starting prenatally, dedicated family advocates meet with families to understand their strengths, needs, and goals. Then, the advocates facilitate connections to services, resources, or support for families, eliminating gaps and providing a seamless care experience.

Because humans form a disproportionately high percentage of neural connections by age three, the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive capacities built in the first three years are important for success in school, the workplace, and the larger community. Early support prepares children for kindergarten and success in school by third grade – the best predictor of high school graduation and lifelong learning.

About Ready for School, Ready for Life

Ready for School, Ready for Life is a collaborative effort to build a connected, innovative system of care for Guilford County’s youngest children and their families. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our focus is ensuring all children in Guilford County and their families get the resources they need for healthy development. We want every child born in Guilford County from 2021 and beyond to enter kindergarten developmentally on track. Learn more about our work and mission at