Doug Jackson

With a distinguished career spanning over 15 years, Doug brings a wealth of experience as a communications professional, with a particular focus on public relations and public affairs. His versatile background includes roles in grassroots mobilization, fundraising, and the successful design and execution of communications and public affairs strategies for a diverse range of organizations, including trade associations, non-profits, and companies. Before joining Ready Ready, Doug played a pivotal role in communications at a large non-profit in Washington, D.C., a boutique public relations firm in Raleigh, and various electoral and public affairs campaigns across North Carolina.

A North Carolina native and proud Davidson College graduate, Doug not only excels professionally but also finds joy in his personal pursuits. Whether watching college basketball or savoring barbecue, he also embraces outdoor activities like hiking and skiing. Beyond that, Doug enjoys attending concerts, trying new restaurants, and embarking on travel adventures with his wife, Sarah, and their beloved dog, Duke.