November: CEO Message

Headshot of Ready Ready CEO Charrise Hart. Click to see her bio.

Dear Ready Ready Friend,

Governor Roy Cooper has designated November as Family Engagement Month in North Carolina. It couldn’t come at a better time.

While November traditionally brings a focus on family and gratitude, this year may include some extra stress. An important presidential election in a country deeply divided by politics happened this week. A surge in COVID-19 numbers in Guilford County has our school system examining how and when to return students to the classroom this month. Combine all that with a slightly higher unemployment rate in September linked to food insecurity and housing instability, and you may wonder how to make Thanksgiving plans this month. If you are able to invite your family members to gather in a socially distant way at the table during these times, navigating the conversation may be an added stressor.

That’s why we urge you to celebrate Family Engagement Month with us at Ready Ready. In this issue of our newsletter, we will share resources that can help you and your family. These resources include simple ideas that increase early childhood development, teach skills that help with math and literacy, and offer ways to find parenting resources, childcare, and emphasize the importance of having fun with your family. 

Since we’re talking about November, did you know that practicing gratitude can help you and your children build resilience? Scientists who are studying this are careful to note that practicing gratitude does not minimize hardships we are experiencing, but it can help you manage your reactions to them. This idea links back to one of our Guilford Basics: Maximize love, manage stress.

In this newsletter, we are turning our partner spotlight on Guilford Child Development, one of our partner organizations. Family engagement is one facet of this nonprofit’s mission to provide educational and social services to help young children and families reach their full potential and achieve future success.

We are proud to work with Guilford Child Development and more than 100 other nonprofits to assist Guilford County children, parents and caregivers, and families. We are grateful to all who take on this important work and welcome those who want to join us at the table.

Charrise Hart