Guilford Parent Leader Network: Career pathways for parents

Paulette Bernard, Yuri Alston, Katina Allen, Eugene Penn, and Sanaa Sharrieff, members of the GPLN, pose at a conference in Santa Ana California in March 2023.

By Stephanie Skordas, Director of Communications

Guilford Parent Leader Network members Eugene Penn, Paulette Bernard, and Katina Allen, along with Ready Ready’s Family Engagement Manager Yuri Alston and Parent Liaison Sanaa Sharrieff, focused on leadership in Santa Ana, California, on March 20-23, 2023.

“I enjoyed every moment of the summit,” said Penn. “The men I’ve met at the summit changed the outlook on my life – seeing there are more men willing to fight for what’s right in the community.”

The EC-LINC Parent Leadership Network (PLN) Summit theme is “Nothing About Us Without Us,” and was chosen by the national PLN steering committee. Attendees learned about career pathways focused on transforming communities and parent leadership, systems change, and connecting parent stories.

“I was looking forward to hearing from other parent leaders about their career pathway experience at the conference,” said Alston. “I came away with more knowledge about how parent leaders can take their parenting or volunteer skills to build a strong resume and how organizations should allow parents to create positions that meet their strengths and needs.”