Improve family access to needed programs through the creation of an effective referral and coordination network for young children and their families.

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Families say it is often difficult to get connected to the resources they need to prepare their children for kindergarten for a few reasons: (1) they don’t know about available services; and (2) when referrals are made, there often isn’t the follow through such that the families actually get services (due to long waiting lists, dropped referrals, etc.). Our community partners agree that this is a problem, too.

To make it easier for agencies/organizations to make and receive referrals — and to build more accountability into the early childhood system for providers and families — an Electronic Referral Network is under development. This system enables communication between referring agencies and organizations with the goal of connecting families to what they need, when they need it.

The system has been piloted with 15 agencies and organizations as part of the Family Success Center (funded by the United Way of Greater Greensboro and administered by Guilford Child Development), and the team is working to add new partners to the system.

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