Improve the transition from Pre-K to kindergarten

Want to Help?

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Change is difficult. Creating a positive transition to kindergarten — many times a child’s first experience in a formal school setting  — is important not only for children, but for their families, their teachers and administrators.

A team has focused on what will make the biggest difference in creating a positive experience, starting from the beginning of the process. The team has chosen three areas of focus:

  1. Partnering with Guilford County Schools (GCS), create a consistent process and uniform materials for Kindergarten registration so more families have a good experience from the first touchpoint with schools.
  2. Increasing the accurate completion of the Kindergarten Health Assessment, including using the results to connect families to resources.
  3. Creating opportunities for elementary school principals and teachers to learn more about brain science and the importance of the earliest years (birth to age five) in student success.

The team has had several “small wins” over the past few months, including:

  • Facilitating focus groups with GCS principals to learn more about what’s working/not working when it comes to the current Kindergarten transition process.
  • Engaging early childhood expert Dr. Kate Gallagher (formerly of UNC-Chapel Hill) to train 70+ elementary school principals in the five domains of school readiness, early childhood brain development, the effects of toxic stress, and the importance of a smooth Kindergarten transition to a child’s long-term school success.
  • Creating a universal Kindergarten registration packet and process that engages preschool teachers in the Kindergarten registration process.

Our partners in the NC PreK program are helping teachers implement Creative Curriculum in their classrooms. (The Creative Curriculum is used by many 4-year-old preschool programs and aligns with the state of NC’s Kindergarten curriculum.)