Leverage and expand early literacy resources

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Uncovering root causes and designing powerful strategies to address them

The Early Literacy Design Team (ELDT) includes 20+ agencies/organizations from across the community. The team has been working together for four months to identify root causes for why children more than 1/3 of kindergarteners are not on track developmentally to read on grade level by third grade. The team has:

  • Conducted interviews with 50 families with infants, toddlers and preschoolers to learn about perceptions of language/communication development, community resources they use, and what’s working/not working to prepare children for language/communication acquisition;
  • Gathered additional data from early literacy programs and service providers about key success factors and barriers;
  • Analyzed qualitative and available quantitative data to build a pathway for early language/communication that aligns with the North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and Development;
  • Using data, identified root causes for why too many children are not on track for reading by grade three; and
  • Started developing powerful strategies to address those root causes.